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Monday 12 July 2021

Types of Boxing Bets

In every game, when you add the aspect of real money it gets 10 times better. That is why today we are looking at the different types of boxing bets. As we do so, we hope that we will be able to make the right bet in the next game of boxing that you will place real money on. 

Method of Victory 

Placing a bet is all about taking the risk. That is why the first method of betting that we will look at is the Method of Victory and its used by the most south africa mobile casinos players. As you place this bet, you are gambling on how the player will win. That means you also have to include who will win as well. Betting options that you have included a stoppage, point’s victory, or a draw. 

Go the Distance 

In this type of bet, you will consider whether the fight will be stopped or not. This is a straightforward bet, just like how you bet on for slot games. As you place this bet, you need to know the boxer’s history as this will help with figuring out the odds. 

Round Betting 

When you want to place a bet in Round Betting, things that you have to consider include whether the fight goes out for an early finish or not. As you place this bet, you also need to consider what the fighter said in the pre-press conference. It just might have a few hints on how the fight will go. 

Knockdown Specials 

One of the most exciting bits to place in boxing is this Knockdown Special. In this bet, you look at whether the boxers will both be knocked out or not. As you place this bet, you also need to have looked at their history so that you can factor in their endurance time. In conclusion, these are the different types of boxing bets.