Sunday 23 October 2022

Learning, Authority and Please Don't Frown

Psychology can tell us a lot about ourselves. You, me the old bloke down the street. Knowledge is power and reason enough why understanding is good. 

However, never forget that your mind is unique. 

The next time someone says you are unique, take it as a compliment and agree. 

How do you learn? It is difficult to be objective about yourself and how you learn but psychology can help us appreciate this subject a little better. 

We do learn by example - give someone a similar situation and they will learn to join the dots. 

We've all gone round a friend's house and seen clothes all over the place and it looks like a tip. Believe it or not, they are organised. Science has proven that every human has a tendency to categorize. It's just that the ''messy'' ones have their own particular form of categorization. Ask them, they know where to find items. 

Be careful about working in groups. Why? Because they have a tendency to lead to extreme decisions. It also leads people to drift away from the original topic. 

Be careful of leaders. Their authority will sway your decision making. 

Do you know that controlling your facial muscles can help control your anger? Don't frown and you will not feel so emotional. 

Don't be frightened of a challenge. It is a fact that facing challenges make you happier. 

Photo: Pixabay