Saturday 28 January 2023

Introvert Gambler: 5 Behaviours You Can't Avoid...

You've seen him hiding behind his Racing Post. Furtive eyes flicking from side to side. You think he's studying the form. I bet he's got a fancy in the next race at Newton Abbot. A handkerchief is pulled from his pocket, dabbing at his sweaty brow. Cheeks flushed like crimson. I bet 6/4 this young upstart is going to place a monkey on the counter. I've heard there's a big gambler on the estate.  

Fred comes in and I whisper a word inquiring to this stranger in town. 

He laughs and replies: ''That's Mark, he's an introvert gambler!''

Gambling is so often the domain of the extrovert. Loud, brash, it's like they are on loud-speaker when they utter a quiet word. It's like Harry Findlay after he has ripped the balls off a bookmaker who last week had some beef over his gravy. The betting world is populated with the extrovert. They were made for the term coined by Carl Jung in his work Psychological Types, published in the 1920s.  

But what about the Introvert Gambler? 

Watch out for these 5 Behaviours You Can't Avoid:

1) Don't Call As I'm Not In...

It's true. Even if it's one of your mates calling about a free ticket to the greyhound Derby with Harry Findlay, you just can't answer the phone. You're permanently not at home even though that curtain has been twitching like a nervous eye. 

Reason: Introverts just love their own space. It's sacred. An unexpected noise, knock at the door, a stranger in the bookmakers can feel like your temple of quiet solitude has been invaded. The introvert is all about peace, quiet and harmony (and I'm not talking hairspray). They need time to think and express thoughts. A phone call just isn't acceptable. 

 2) I Don't Need A Phone...

As hard as it is to receive a call, it's difficult to make a phone call, too. In fact, if there is any way of avoiding making a call. That's the answer. Mark opened a betting account. He had a fancy in the 2:30 Newmarket. It took him twenty minutes to dial the phone. The thought of calling a stranger. It's probably some beast of a person at the end of the line. 

Reason: Introverts use non-verbal communication such as body language