Monday 24 January 2022

3 Fears: Time, Mirrors & Opinions

Have I got time to write this post?

I have an hour glass in the kitchen, a month glass in the living room and standard 80-year life glass in the bedroom. I purchased them TOGETHER on Ebay to save time!

The 80-year life glass is in the shape of a human torso, where everyday a thimble full of sand drops to its feet, half in the left leg and half in the right. The big toes took three months to fill. Scary. Time has passed by and I am halfway up the shins. I think seeing the sands of time pass by has spurred me on to make the most of every minute of the day. Do you have a fear of Chronophobia? I guess it's the kind of phobia you don't consider as a child. Someone may think about it for you. But when we all grow up and the years crack on the fear of time is something that many people can concur.  

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all? Do you love looking at yourself in the mirror? I guess the best assessment of whether you do is by counting the number of mirrors you have in your home. As time goes on you may notice you have more hour, month, life glasses while the mirrors are removed. The fear of mirrors is called Catoprophobia. Do cats like to look at themselves in the mirror?

What we have talked about here is all a matter of opinion. You love mirrors, you're terrified of the sound of that clock ticking in the hallway. This is a strange one. Do you have a fear of having an opinion. The wall flower of politics. The person who walks swiftly on if someone asks if you like bootleg or skinny jeans? Notice how Delia Smith couldn't bring herself to say she liked Oxo over another favourite brand. Your best friend asks you who will win the FA Cup. Sorry, I didn't hear that! The fear of opinions is called Allodoxophobia.  

I wondered why you didn't have an opinion about time or mirrors.