Tuesday 23 November 2021

7 Psychology Principles to Change Someone's Mind

Shock. Horror. I've been brainwashed.

Not the usual spring clean with a dot of Dettol in a quart of freezing water and natural sea sponge. No, this is was a full-on brainwashing by the use of psychology. I wish I could say I am in pain. But I've never felt so eased into changing my mind. 

Take a look at these tips to help persuade people into doing all many of silly things.

1) When someone expresses something with confidence your attitude hardens. 

2) A consistent, confident voice is most effective.

3) Priming can be used to influence people. The magician who says ''try'' and ''cycling'' in different sentences because he wants you to think TRICYCLE. 

4) If someone keeps agreeing with you, you feel obligated to agree with them. This reciprocity can make you say yes at the most inappropriate times.

5) Someone shouts: ''It's the last one on the shelf. I just couldn't help but rush over and got that pot of hemorrhoid cream (yikes). Scarcity makes you run for this you don;t even need!

6) I noticed all my friend going out and buying this latest book on How to Make an Ant Farm because Jon Bon Jovi sang about it. I'm a sucker for this social influence. 

7) Certain words hold more power than others. Three types of words: God words (blessings or demands), Devil words (terms of despise or disgust) & charismatic terms. 

The most powerful words in the English language: You, Because, Free, Instantly, and New.